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Asia Commodity Marketplace was established with the objective of bringing value to domestic and global market participants by connecting them through an efficient and transparent trading venue. ACM believes that product innovation and an enhanced distribution network is essential to our success.

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About ACM

The Asia Commodity Marketplace (“ACM”) is a registered commodity auction marketplace licensed by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade in 2016 and regulated by BAPPEBTI, (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi). Asia Commodity Marketplace (ACM) stands at the forefront of the Indonesian commodity industry, bringing efficiency and transparency to domestic and global market participants through an extensive distribution network.

Alongside our wholly owned subsidiary, Asia Commodity Clearing House (ACCH), we enable market participants to transact securely and efficiently across a wide range of commodities. ACCH acts as the central counterparty to every trade, reducing counterparty risk and enabling participation from different segments of the financial markets. ACCH maintains a robust risk management framework that adheres to global standards. Our proprietary systems, leveraging digitalization and blockchain technology, help reduce inefficiencies in the physical and derivative markets.

ACM has a diverse range of products and contracts across many commodities, providing traders on our platform with the means to manage price risks as well as the ability to express their views of the markets. Committed to educating market participants, ACM enables all levels of traders to participate on our platforms.

Trading with Asia’s Foremost Commodity Marketplace

ACM is driven to serve the Indonesian commodity marketplace by bridging domestic and international market participants, making it a unique platform for participants to explore better trading opportunities, both domestically and globally.

Distribution through Innovation and Collaboration

We continuously challenged ourselves to break new barriers in distribution and differentiation. We believe the engagement of new client segments through product innovation and an enhanced distribution network will bring greater efficiency in our markets.

Where Commodities meets Transparency

Our commitment to transparency and integrity aligns us with the needs of the market participants, allowing them to trade confidently and efficiently in our ecosystem.

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About ACCH

Imperative to every organized marketplace is the clearing house that operates to ensure continuity and financial integrity of the trading venue. PT Asia Commodity Clearing House (“ACCH”) provides clearing and settlement services for all trades on ACM as well as our trading venue partners. Through ACCH, Members can take advantage of our post-trade management services to optimize operational efficiencies.

ACCH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PT Asia Commodity Marketplace. It is licensed by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and regulated by Bappebti (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi).

Financial Safeguards and Counterparty Risk Management

Clearing trades reduces risk. ACCH serves as the counterparty to every trade, mitigating counterparty risk and allowing market participants to trade with transparency and confidence.

Our financial safeguards are critical to fostering trust in the marketplace. In extreme situations, ACCH has a financial safeguards package to minimize market risks. ACCH supports the defaulter pays model and the defaulting party takes the first loss via its own contributions to the default waterfall, prior to using any resources of non-defaulting clearing members. This model limits the likelihood that losses would be extended.

Risk management and financial surveillance are principal functions of ACCH's financial safeguards and customer protections system.

Margin Services

Margins, also known as Performance Bonds, are deposits required to ensure that a trading participant can cover potential losses with its positions. Margins help ensure that clearing members can meet their obligations to their customers and to ACCH. Performance bonds/margins vary according to product and market volatility.

ACCH's margin model will cover almost all anticipated price changes for the products over a given liquidation period. ACCH determines prudent and appropriate margin rates using a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Financial Safeguards

ACCH adopts a stringent risk management policy for its markets; a framework that is guided by international principles established by CPMI-IOSCO, the Financial Stability Board and global industry best practices.

The financial integrity of trades conducted on the marketplace is assured by means of daily mark-to-market of positions and ensuring strict adherence to transaction guarantee requirements. Clearing Funds are also required by ACCH to uphold membership standards and ensure market stability during periods of volatility.

Board of Commisioners and Directors

Our Board of Commissioners and Directors has the duty of representing the balanced interests of the shareholders in attaining long term business and financial objectives and enforcing an oversight framework that ensures the integrity of our markets and business operations.

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Michael Wang

President Commissioner ACM, ACCH

Jeremy Ang

Commisioner ACM, ACCH

Patrick Chan

President Director ACM

Arwadi J. Setiabudi

President Director ACCH

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