Commodity Contracts

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Commodity Contracts - A Brief Overview

Commodity contracts that are listed on ACM are formal, legally binding agreements between two trading entities. These contracts delineate the specifics of a trade, ensuring both parties are aligned in their understanding and obligations.

Through these contracts, the ACM promotes a trading environment characterized by transparency and fairness. Recognizing the importance of adhering to these contracts is essential for fostering trust, facilitating smooth transactions, and promoting sustained growth within the commodity trading sector.

The Asia Commodities Marketplace (ACM) facilitates the trading of standardized and bespoke forward contracts, serving as a platform where parties can engage in agreements to buy or sell specific assets at market driven prices for future dates.

Access the potential opportunities of the commodities markets with the ACM's products and get precise, real-time prices. Market participants can rely on ACM and its clearing services to assess and manage price risk, find market opportunities and transact with confidence.

US Soybean Nano Contract

Silver Nano Contract

US Crude Oil Nano Contract

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