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Commodity Contracts


Commodity Contracts

ACM promotes a trading environment characterized by transparency and fairness.

Commodity Contracts

Product Overview

Commodity contracts that are listed on ACM are formal, legally binding agreements between two trading entities. These contracts delineate the specifics of a trade, ensuring both parties are aligned in their understanding and obligations.

Through these contracts, the ACM promotes a trading environment characterized by transparency and fairness. Recognizing the importance of adhering to these contracts is essential for fostering trust, facilitating smooth transactions, and promoting sustained growth within the commodity trading sector.

The Asia Commodities Marketplace (ACM) facilitates the trading of standardized and bespoke forward contracts, serving as a platform where parties can engage in agreements to buy or sell specific assets at market driven prices for future dates.

Access the potential opportunities of the commodities markets with the ACM's products and get precise, real-time prices. Market participants can rely on ACM and its clearing services to assess and manage price risk, find market opportunities and transact with confidence.

Features and Benefits of Trading with ACM

Flexible Trade Execution

Multiple access points for liquidity including a central limit order book, block trades, and Request for Cross (RFC) functionality.


Traders can choose their preferred method of execution based on their trading strategy, whether they prefer immediate execution via the central limit order book, large-sized trades through block trading, or negotiation via RFC.

Overnight Electronic Access

Electronic trading access during EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) business hours.


Traders can manage and adjust their positions in response to global news and events, taking advantage of market movements outside regular US trading hours.

Enhanced Transparency

Clear and detailed reporting of all trades and market data.


Greater transparency in trade reporting and market data allows traders to make well-informed decisions, improving their overall trading strategy and performance.

Futures Leverage

Leverage allows control of a larger notional value with a relatively small initial margin requirement.


Leverage amplifies potential returns by allowing traders to control substantial positions with less capital, making efficient use of their investment funds. However, it is crucial to note that while leverage can increase profits, it can also amplify losses.

Safety and Security

Trades are centrally cleared in a BAPPEPTI regulated marketplace.


By trading in a centrally cleared environment, traders significantly reduce counterparty credit risk, ensuring the security and reliability of their transactions.

US Soybean Contract

US Crude Oil Contract

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