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The membership structure at ACM gives market participants the option of choosing the membership that best suits their business and operational needs.

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Broker Clearing Member

Broker Clearing Members at ACM are financial institutions that typically service market participants as a broker, allowing them access to the products at ACM and clearing their corresponding trades.

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Trading Member

Trade Members are market participants that may participate directly in ACM markets for their proprietary trades. They may either clear their own proprietary trades or do so via a broker clearing member.

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Broker Clearing Member

ACCH carefully selects and closely monitors its clearing members to ensure the stability of ACM's markets. Broker clearing members need to be adequately capitalized, meeting regulatory requirements as stipulated by ACCH.

Broker clearing members stand behind all trades made through ACM and assume full financial and performance responsibility for all transactions executed through them and cleared on ACCH, regardless of whether it is for the account of a customer, trading member, or proprietary account. Matched deals can be registered to ACCH for clearing, at any time outside of the electronic auction sessions.

Non clearing brokers are allowed to hold customer funds under segregation and provide access to ACM's markets but are required to appoint a designated Broker Clearing Member to clear its trades.

Broker Members are able to:

Clear their own proprietary trades.

Broke and clear trades of all market participants, including other agencies that are non-clearing brokers, Trading Members and non members.

Match deals outside of trading window sessions and register them on ACCH for clearing.

Collect customer funds and hold them in client segregated accounts.

Financial Requirements

Minimum Capitalization Paid-Up Capital


Clearing Fund


Minimum Capitalization Paid-Up Capital



Trade Member

Trading membership allows eligible firms to pay preferential fees on the proprietary trading of commodity contracts listed on ACM. Membership applications are open to commercials, proprietary trading firms and institutional buy side firms. Brokers may also apply for trading membership for their proprietary trades. Preferential fees will not apply for any agency trades.

For direct access to the commodity repurchase contracts and structured products listed on ACM's markets and cleared on ACCH, market participants are required to be registered with ACM as trading members. Trade Members do not need to appoint a designated Broker Clearing Member to clear its trades for commodity repurchase contracts and structured products.

Trade members enjoys a wide variety of benefits:

Reduced Exchange Fees: Trading Members enjoy lower fees in the trading of commodity contracts listed on ACM as compared to non members.

Direct Market Access: Trading Members has the option of connecting directly to ACM's markets.

Incentive and Coop Programs: Trading members will be included in ACM's incentive and coop programs targeted to bring value to the members of the exchange.

Financial Requirements

Annual Trade Membership

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