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Trade Repository


Trade Repository

Manage Risk and Optimize Opportunities with ACM Trade Repository Services

Trade Repository

Product Overview

ACM's trade repository services provide a centralized platform where financial institutions and market participants can securely report and store details of their over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives transactions.

By utilizing ACM's repository, these entities ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, enhance transparency in the OTC derivatives market, and facilitate better risk management practices. This centralized system not only streamlines the reporting process but also offers a comprehensive view of market activities, aiding in more informed decision-making for stakeholders.

By centralizing and securely storing transactional data specific to the region, ACM ensures regulatory compliance, elevates market transparency, and facilitates efficient risk assessment for market participants. This dedicated repository not only streamlines reporting processes but also enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of the commodities market in Asia. In essence, the ACM Trade Repository is instrumental in fostering a transparent, compliant, and resilient commodities trading environment across the region.

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Licensed & regulated by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and regulated by BAPPEBTI (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi).


ACM's trade repositories centralize commodity trade data, offering market participants in Asia an unparalleled view of trading activities. This clarity aids in grasping market shifts, ensuring efficient price discovery, and upholding the overall integrity of the commodities sector in the region.

Risk Management

Given the unique sensitivities of commodities to elements like geopolitical shifts, weather patterns, and supply chain challenges, ACM's repositories play a pivotal role. They provide a consolidated platform for stakeholders to discern trends, gauge exposure levels, and make informed risk management decisions tailored to the Asian commodities landscape.

Regulatory Compliance

Many regulatory bodies require market participants to report their trades to authorized trade repositories. This helps regulators monitor and enforce compliance with trading rules and regulations. Reporting to a central repository ensures that regulators have access to accurate and timely information about market activities.

Market Surveillance

The ACM trade repositories bolster market oversight in Asia. By centralizing data, they equip regional regulators and exchanges with the tools needed to swiftly identify and address potential market irregularities, manipulations, or abuses, ensuring the continued trust and stability of the commodities market in the region.

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